Dell Injects 500 New Storage Software Features Across Portfolio

Dell’s Vice Chairman and Co-COO, Jeff Clarke, stated that the company is working to combine multi-cloud and enterprise data storage services to create a system that pools storage resources and allows partners to participate in the ecosystem.


Dell Technologies has announced a significant update to its storage products, introducing 500 new software enhancements across its PowerStore, PowerMax, and PowerFlex solutions. The updates aim to improve automation, data mobility, business intelligence, and security for customers across clouds, on-premises, and edge environments, at no additional cost. The PowerStore midrange solution, in particular, will now feature cyber resiliency and multi-cloud flexibility.

According to Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman and Co-COO of Dell, these software enhancements present a significant opportunity for channel partners to compete for new storage business. He stated, “We are bringing multi-cloud and enterprise data storage services together to really bring the ability to pool storage resources, to allow our partners to be able to participate in that ecosystem.” He further highlighted that with Dell Technologies having roughly a 30% market share, there is a big opportunity for their partner network to help them access the other 70% of the storage market with differentiated products and the most comprehensive portfolio in the industry.

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