Dell Technologies World 2022: News, Announcements And Analysis

CRN is reporting live from Dell Technologies World 2022 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned to this page for updates, announcements, and exclusive interviews straight from the event.

Dell’s Rola Dagher: Security ‘At The Heart Of Everything We Do’

Rola Dagher, Dell’s global channel chief, emphasizes the importance of trust in technology and how security plays a major role in achieving it. She states, “Security is extremely important for us to deliver for our partners and customers, because it starts and ends with trust.”

10 Ways Dell’s Multi-Cloud Strategy Is Taking Shape: Jeff Clarke

According to Jeff Clarke, Dell’s co-Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman, the company is working on a project to combine individual clouds and build an orchestration layer to allow them to work together as a distributed platform. He states that this is the direction in which Dell is headed.

Dell Has ‘The World’s Best Supply Chain,’ Top Execs Say

Dell Technologies’ leadership team credits the company’s success in navigating ongoing supply chain challenges to their strong partnerships with talented individuals and technology companies.

Alienware To McConaughey: 10 Cool Scenes From Dell Tech World

Dell Technologies World 2022 featured many exciting moments, such as demonstrations of Dell’s ruggedized PCs being put to the test and actor Matthew McConaughey discussing innovation. Here are the top 10 most memorable scenes from the event that you won’t want to miss.

Why Dell’s New Developer-Focused Strategy Is A ‘Smart Play’

According to Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell, the focus of many customers is shifting from infrastructure to developers.

Dell Injects 500 New Storage Software Features Across Portfolio

Dell Vice Chairman and Co-Chief Operating Officer Jeff Clarke announces that Dell is bringing multi-cloud and enterprise data storage services together to allow partners to pool storage resources and participate in the ecosystem.

Michael Dell: “Enormous Role” For Partners In Shaping Multi-Cloud World

Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell emphasizes the importance of channel partners to the company, stating that over 50% of orders last year came through them and that the company is fully committed to helping them evolve.

Michael Dell On ‘Embracing Developers’ And Multi-Cloud Future

During his keynote speech at Dell Technologies World 2022, Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell discussed the company’s vision for multi-cloud, its focus on the future of development, and its support for Ukraine. He also highlighted that the company is worth $101 billion.

Dell Technologies World 2022: 5 Biggest News Announcements

Dell Technologies World 2022 in Las Vegas saw the launch of several new products and services, including new ransomware offerings with AWS and Microsoft Azure, and Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services. Here are the top five biggest announcements from the event on Monday.

Dell Launches New AWS, Azure Multi-Cloud Security Solutions

Rick Gouin, chief technology officer at Winslow Technology Group, explains that the company has built a new practice around providing cloud services and implementing end-to-end solutions for Dell’s cloud-integrated products.

Dell-Snowflake Form ‘Industry-First’ Cloud, Storage Partnership

Dell Technologies has announced a new product integration and partnership with Snowflake that combines Dell’s storage systems with Snowflake’s cloud data technology. The partnership will help customers to easily and seamlessly integrate Dell’s storage solutions with Snowflake’s cloud data platform.

Dell’s ‘Most Exciting’ Apex Launch: Cyber Recovery Services

Dell Technologies World 2022 saw the launch of Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services, a new offering to help customers recover from cyberattacks. The new service offers a comprehensive set of services that can help customers quickly recover from a cyber attack and get back to business. Here’s what Dell channel partners need to know about the new service.

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