The one thing to do before you watch the Succession finale


Succession, the critically acclaimed HBO drama series, has captured the attention of audiences around the world with its gripping narrative and compelling characters. As the series reaches its highly anticipated finale, fans are brimming with excitement and anticipation. However, before you embark on this thrilling conclusion, there is one essential thing you should do to enhance your viewing experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the one thing you need to do before you watch the Succession finale and how it can make a world of difference.

Recap and Reflect:

To fully immerse yourself in the final episode, it is crucial to recap and reflect on the events leading up to this point. Succession is known for its complex plotlines and intricate relationships, making it easy to forget important details. Start by revisiting the previous seasons or, if time is limited, explore episode summaries or online recaps. This will reignite your memory and ensure you’re up to speed on all the intricate twists and turns.

As you recap, take the time to reflect on the characters’ journeys and their evolution throughout the series. Consider their motivations, conflicts, and relationships. This reflection will deepen your connection to the story, allowing you to appreciate the finale on a more profound level.

Join Online Communities:

One of the joys of being a fan is sharing the experience with others who share your passion. Engaging with online communities dedicated to Succession can significantly enrich your viewing experience. Platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and fan forums offer a space for fans to discuss theories, predictions, and share their excitement leading up to the finale.

By participating in these communities, you gain access to a wealth of insights and perspectives from fellow fans. Engaging in discussions, debates, and speculation will not only heighten your anticipation but also expose you to different interpretations of the show. You may discover new angles or hidden details that enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the finale.

Uncover Easter Eggs and Symbolism:

Succession is known for its intricate storytelling and the inclusion of subtle symbolism and hidden easter eggs. Taking the time to uncover these elements can unlock a whole new layer of appreciation for the series. Before watching the finale, dedicate some time to researching and exploring the hidden references and symbolism present throughout the show.

Analyzing these easter eggs and symbolic gestures can provide valuable insights into character arcs, plot development, and overarching themes. You may discover recurring motifs, visual metaphors, or subtle nods to real-life events that deepen your understanding of the story’s nuances. By doing so, you’ll be better equipped to interpret the finale and appreciate the writers’ attention to detail.

Create an Atmosphere:

Watching the Succession finale should be an event, an experience that transports you into the world of the show. To set the stage, create a captivating atmosphere that complements the mood of the series. Consider dimming the lights, preparing some snacks or drinks, and selecting a comfortable viewing spot.

Additionally, curate a playlist of the show’s iconic soundtrack to immerse yourself fully. By creating an atmosphere that evokes the essence of Succession, you’ll enhance your emotional engagement with the finale and make it a memorable viewing experience.

Manage Expectations:

As the finale approaches, it’s essential to manage your expectations. While anticipation is natural, building unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment. Succession has built a reputation for its unpredictable plot twists, and the finale may not follow the narrative path you anticipate.

Approach the finale with an open mind, ready to embrace the writers’ vision. By keeping expectations in check, you allow yourself to fully experience the story as it unfolds, accepting the creative choices made by the show’s creators.


The Succession finale is a culmination of years of storytelling and character development. To make the most of this highly anticipated event, take the time to recap and reflect on the series, engage with online communities, uncover easter eggs and symbolism, create an immersive atmosphere, and manage your expectations.

By following these steps, you’ll enhance your understanding, connection, and enjoyment of the Succession finale. This comprehensive guide will ensure you savor every moment of this pivotal episode, making it a truly unforgettable experience. So, before you sit down to watch the finale, take the time to prepare, and get ready for an exhilarating ride.

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